Hi I am Madison Hall and this is my first post on my mad about fitness blog. I am very passionate about fitness because I was blessed enough to have been raised that way. When I was in about 4th grade my mom was diagnosed with cancer and everything about the way my family ate changed. My mom knew that if she wanted to fight cancer and exclude it from her life forever she needed to change her eating habits. Ever since then we have become especially conscious  of the food we put into our bodies. Everyone should be conscious of the food they consume because it does have effects on your body whether it is positive or negative.

This blog is going to be all about how to live a fit and healthy day to day life. To stay fit you must commit to eating healthy and staying active almost every day. I am going to be giving lots of helpful suggestions on healthy eating habits, physical activity, and maybe even some athletic outfits.

So stay tuned and stay fit!


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