5 Smoothie Ingredients You MUST Ditch

I’m sure everyone reading this, and everyone else on the planet, has tried some form of a smoothie before. Smoothies are easy to make and there is an unbelievable amount of combinations of ingredients that anyone could throw into a blender and call it a smoothie; some would call them “idiot proof”. But not everyone is making their smoothies with the healthiest of ingredients. I think there are a couple reasons that people don’t always add the “healthy stuff” into their smoothies. The obvious reason is that they don’t believe it can still taste good with things like kale, or flax seeds, or spinach, or chia seeds, etc. added to the smoothie. This is not true though! I’ve discovered that adding these types of uncommon ingredients can make the most delicious smoothies! So everyone, join me in ditching the flavored yogurt, juice, and even ice cream to guarantee your smoothies amazing flavor and ultra-healthy. Now for a recipe…

Mango-Peach Smoothie Recipe (:

  • 1 cup frozen organic mangoes
  • 1 cup frozen organic peaches
  • 2 large tablespoons of organic greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon organic honey
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • filtered water

You may be wondering what makes this smoothie so healthy, so I am going to evaluate the benefits of each of these lovely ingredients. I’m going to start off with what may come as a shock to most people. The reason I chose frozen fruit instead of fresh is because frozen fruit is indeed better for your health than fresh. Wow! who would’ve ever guessed that fruit that has been frozen and stored in a bag has more benefits to your health than the fresh fruit?! The freezing process can help to lock in many more nutrients than you get out of eating just plain old fresh fruit. This is because the fruit is frozen within hours of harvest, so you will be getting many more nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

The next food I will be evaluating is greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is packed with nutrients and protein as well. Everyone knows that protein benefits your bones and cartilage, muscles, skin, etc. so why not get your protein from greek yogurt which has much more protein packed into it than milk even.

Now lets. talk about chia seeds. Many people don’t know about chia seeds, but they are a super food and a very extraordinary one at that. Chia seeds can help your skin as well as your bones. They also help boost your metabolism and your energy levels. So if you are wanting to work out you can eat chia seeds instead of the energy powder that doesn’t have anywhere near the same health benefits that chia seeds do. This also means that you they are able to help you lose weight. And these little black seeds are even known to help treat diabetes!

Honey is the next ingredient of discussion. I personally add honey to my smoothies because it is a natural sweetener that is much healthier than sugar, and has far more benefits. Adding honey to your smoothies can help you get a burst of energy, which is quite obviously far better than drinking caffeine. Honey is also filled with antioxidants that help boost your memory and prevent cellular damage within the brain. It is also a very good source of calcium for the brain which helps overall brain health. It also aids sleep and wake patterns.

Everyone knows that spinach makes you stronger as Popeye illustrated so greatly to us all when we were kids. And it is true. Spinach is very beneficial to the human body for many reasons. It is an excellent source of protein which helps build muscle. It also is an excellent source of calcium and iron which helps bone health. Want luscious skin and hair? eat spinach. Spinach is a great super food that helps keep your hair and skin healthy and looking beautiful.

The final ingredient in this superfood smoothie is of course water. Water is quite obviously one of the best things for the human body. As most people know, the human body is made up mainly of water, so if you are lacking water it can become obvious. Your skin and hair will not be at their prime if you are not drinking enough water. But I will not be going into the extreme details of water. That will be a different blog for a different time.

Now for the juicy part…

Ingredients to Ditch

  1. The number one ingredient to not include in your smoothie is ice cream/sorbet. Ice cream should not be included in your smoothies for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it is not healthy. Dairy is fattening and high in calories. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, ice cream is not an ideal ingredient for your smoothie. Ice cream is delicious, but it doesn’t need to be featured in your smoothie. It will instantly turn your otherwise nutritious smoothie to junk.
  2. The second ingredient to exclude from your smoothies may come as a surprise to many people. The surprise ingredient is tap water. Now I included water as one of my ingredients in my peach-mango smoothie, but the water in my recipe is filtered rather than tap. There have been some unwanted substances in tap and bottled water as well. So the easiest solution to unwanted substances in water is to filter it in your own home.
  3. Sweetened or sugary fruit juice. Too much sugar actually makes you feel a lot hungrier causing you to eat more and potentially causing you to gain weight. The juice also adds unnecessary calories while things like honey can make your smoothie equally as sweet while adding many more benefits.
  4. Number 4, is milk. Soy milk, whole milk, 2 percent milk, etc. are all examples of milk you should go without. Instead you can substitute it for almond or coconut milk. Almond and coconut milk are much more beneficial to your health than regular old dairy milk.
  5. The final ingredient is not an ingredient to ditch, but you should reconsider it. The ingredient is non organic fruit. Non organic fruit is obviously still good to eat, but organic has many more beneficial aspects to it. Non organic fruit is farmed with pesticides whereas organic fruit grows completely naturally. The pesticides help the fruit grow much quicker than the contrary, so the un organic fruit doesn’t have the time to develop the nutrients that it potentially could if it were grown naturally.

So, if you don’t know now you know.

I hope you all find time to try out this delicious superfood smoothie, and stay fit!





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