Drink Water. Just Do It!

Everyone knows that water is necessary to survival as a human. But people fail to realize actually how much more water they need to be intaking than they do on a daily basis. The average person drinks around four cups of water a day, which may seem like a lot to you. But you may be surprised to learn that it is far from enough water to consume in a day. In fact four cups of water is half the amount that you should ideally be intaking. If you haven’t inferred by now the average human is ideally to drink eight cups of water a day! Although it is ideal to drink eight cups of water a day, it is not required. It is quite obviously possible to live without drinking even close to this much water daily, but you must get other fluids.

Getting other fluids doesn’t mean to go out and drink as much soda and juice as you can though. In fact there are many reasons why you shouldn’t choose to drink these alternative beverages over water. Even though soda, and juices alike may be tastier than water, you have to realize how unhealthy these beverages actually are for your overall health.

The first reason to ditch soda has to do with your appearance. A lot of people would say that number one first trait they notice about a person when they first meet them is their teeth. Drinking soda, especially dark soda, can cause discoloration and even tooth decay. And who wants everyone staring at their not so pearly whites when they first meet someone all because they couldn’t resist that diet Pepsi! Not to mention, soda has so many unnecessary calories. Calories are not all bad because everyone must intake a certain amount on the daily, but chances are it will not be too difficult to meet that number. Soda just adds extra calories that are not needed and become stored away as fat, which in fact can lead to overweightness.

Why not Diet?

The majority of people think they are being smart by drinking diet soda, but that is so wrong. Like I mentioned before diet soda has no different effects on your teeth, so it is still likely your teeth will become discolored if you are an avid soda drinker. Diet soda may not have calories, but it does have artificial sugars added. There has been some research done on the artificial sweeteners that are added to the diet sodas and the results are not so ideal. Diet soda drinkers don’t realize that though they aren’t getting unnecessary calories, they are getting unnecessary artificial sugars. The sugar from the soda is stored as fat and helps you gain weight.

Now here’s a fact that will make you rethink drinking diet soda forever.

If you are one to avidly drink diet soda you probably aren’t considering the extra fat your body is automatically storing from the artificial sugar; therefore, you would most likely subconsciously justify the idea of eating that extra slice of pizza or greasy fries. See what you just did there yet? By drinking diet soda you are not realizing the negative effects, therefore causing you to be ok with consuming even more unhealthy food causing your body to store even more unnecessary fat.

Moral of the story. Don’t drink soda, whether it be diet or not.

But why drink 32 ounces of water in one day, EVERYDAY?! There are many answers to this frequently asked question. There has been significant research on why it is important to intake around this amount daily.

There is no significant evidence that water contributes to weight loss, but it can help in some other ways. Obviously substituting water for any other type of beverage will help keep that excess calorie intake at a whopping zero.

Water also helps energize your muscles. This is important for people who are active and/or workout often. Muscles that are dehydrated start to “shrivel up” causing muscle fatigue. Also it is important to drink water before during and after excercising. Most people sweat during their workout so you must replace those fluids lost while sweating by drinking water of course.

Another significant benefit of intaking enough water is for the sake of your skin. The human body is mainly made out of water, which pretty much everyone knows already. So tthe cells in your body NEED water to function, obviously. Just like any other cell in your body your skin cells can become water deprived and stop functioning as well as they should. So if you do not drink enough water it will eventually start to effect your skin causing wrinkles and other unwanted features on your skin.

There are many ways you can keep up with drinking water. My favorite way to drink water is out of a water bottle that I have decked out with stickers. I have 3 different water bottles that I have decorated with various stickers that I have happened to come across. My favorite water bottle is 32 ounces so I know to drink 2 of thunnamedose a day to get 64 ounces, which is a good amount to drink in a day.













The lesson for today is don’t drink soda, and drink plenty of water.



One thought on “Drink Water. Just Do It!

  1. Marissa Wolff says:

    Interesting post on the effects of such a simplistic element of human life. I like the way you also discussed why alternative substitutions for water were inferior. I think the effects of drinking these other options or not drinking water were your strongest pieces of this blog. I’m also curious what the positive effects of some of these drinks are however. It would be cool to see a comparison of what these drinks can provide positively to the equal effects of drinking water.


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