Recently I have been noticing a trend of people hating the way their bodies look. This is sad because no one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin. On the other hand though, don’t you all agree that if you are going to complain about your body you should put forth some effort to help your body become ideal to you? Too many people don’t even practice the most important way to stay healthy and in shape. That practice is a healthy diet. This doesn’t mean that you need to cut out everything unhealthy forever, but if you want to stay healthy you must be dedicated. Don’t even start thinking about waking up one day with the perfect body because it simply just will not happen. You especially won’t wake up  with a fit and toned body if you don’t work towards it.

It irks me that people are all about having the “perfect body”, which doesn’t even exist, if they are constantly treating their bodies poorly. Working out, being active, and the right diet are all essential to achieve any body goal. Even going to the gym for an hour or two a couple of nights a week is much better than not going at all. Most people find that working out on a regular basis will show them the best results though.

Since I am always talking about food, today I am going to be talking about just a couple of the exercises that work for me. I was in gymnastics for 8 years, so I learned a lot of tough, but great exercises that I still do today months after I retired from the sport. Everyone is different with a different body, but that doesn’t make any of us any less amazing!(:



  • Squats
    • Squats can vary depending on how difficult you are ready for. You can start by squatting with no weight at all. You can even sit down and stand back up how ever many times you can. To make it more difficult you can grab a dumbbell and squat that way. I usually like to squat with the bar though and you can add as much weight as you are comfortable with.
  • Side squats
    • Side squats are usually done with a dumbbell. To do a side squat you stand with your feet together then step out to the your right side with your right leg until it is bent at about a 90 degree angle. Repeat the same motion for the left side. You can do this with no weight as well.
  • Lunges
    • My favorite way to do lunges is also with a dumbbell. You hold the dumbbell and step in front of your body with one of your legs until your back knee touches the ground. repeat as many times as you are comfortable with.
  • Frog jumps
    • Frog jumps are by far the hardest of these exercises in my opinion. They look exactly as they sound. Stand with your feet about shoulder length apart and bend down until you are touching the ground with your hands. The position you are in at this point should look like a frog essentially. Once you are in this position jump up and then back down to frog position then jump back up and repeat.


  • Pushups (wide arms, triangle, regular)
    • I usually do 3 sets of each type of push up; wide arm, triangle, and regular. Regular pushups are self explanatory. Wide armed are the same as regular pushups, but they are done with your arms further than shoulder width apart. Triangle pushups are done with your hands in the middle of your chest in the shape of a triangle. This means your thumbs should touch and your pointer fingers should touch as well.
  • Pullups
    • Pullups are done with a bar that you can hang on to without your feet touching the floor. Once you find the bar hang with your arms above your head and pull your body up until your chin is just above the bar. These are very difficult so only do as many as you can. For some people it is 1 and some people can do 30. (:
  • Bench press
    • Lay down on a bench so that a bar is above your chest. You can add as much weight as your heart desires, but you should always have a spotter. Grab the bar and bring it down to your chest and back up so that your arms are straight as many times as you can.
  • Curls with weights
    • The most common weight is in between 5 and 25 pounds that people curl. Hold the weight down by your side then bring it to about your shoulder. Do not move anything other than your forearm though.


  • Sit ups
    • Sit down with your legs bent and your feet underneath something so that they can’t lift off the ground. Put your arms crossed across your chest and lay down. Sit up using nothing but your upper body strength. Repeat as many times as appropriate for you.
  • V-Ups
    • V-Ups may not be for everyone because flexibility is a must for these. To do a v-up you lie down on your back and bring your legs and upper body up simultaneously so that you make a v shape. Your legs must be straight and your arms should be above your head for proper form.
  • Hollow hold
    • Hollow holds are similar to v-ups but you don’t move the entire time. You start by lying down on your back. Bring your feet and calfs off the ground about 3 inches. Bring your head and upper back off the ground as well so that the only thing still on the ground is your lower back and butt. Hold this for 45 seconds to 3 minutes depending on how much of a burn you want to feel!
  • Plank
    • Most people know what a plank looks like, but to reiterate you are on your forearms and toes. Your shoulders must be leaning over your elbows. Hold this for also 45 seconds to 3 minutes or more.
  • Russian twists
    • This is usually done with a dumbbell. Sit on the floor in a sort of hollow position but your legs should be bent. You can be on mostly your butt and lower back. Hold the dumbbell and twist from side to side putting the dumbbell to each side of your body.


  • Running
    • You can run outside or on a treadmill, do whatever your heart desires.
  • Biking
    • Biking can also be done either outside or on a stationary bike in a gym.
  • Jump roping
    • Jump roping is amazing for your heart and it’s fun too!


Now that you have some suggestions to get your workout going there is no more excuses to complain!

stay body positive (:



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