Super food for a Super life

There are many many superfoods that are available for people to consume. While researching superfoods I got a huge range of foods. Sights listed anywhere from 3 to over 100 so called “superfoods”. But what even makes these foods so super? The answer depends on which food you are looking into. The main quality these foods have in common is that they benefit the human body in wonderful ways. Some are rich in antioxidants. Some are rich in vitamins and minerals. Some help your skin. They all are beneficiary to the human body in more way than one which makes them a superfood that you will want to devour after reading this. (:

These are a few of the big and popular superfoods.


Most people reading this probably do not know what exactly spirulina is. I didn’t necessarily know what it was either before researching it, but I wish I would’ve known about it earlier. Spirulina is evidently one of the most renowned superfoods as of today. This comes from the sea, so it is basically algae powder. But don
‘t let that scare you away because it is very rewarding to your health. Spirulina is 65% protein and amino acids which even happens to include the essential amino acids. It has about 24 times the amount of calcium as milk! And it is packed with chlorophyll which removes toxins from the body and boosts the immune system. Also it is not scientifically proved, but many people that it is capable of treating some health conditions such as diabetes, weight problems, high cholesterol problems, and mental health problems.


Quinoa is my personal favorite superfood by far. There are so many different ways to prepare a quinoa dish and it tastes delicious. Not to mention, it is one of the best superfoods out there. 2013 was even named “the year of quinoa” because of its amazing health benefits. Quinoa is gluten free but is still loaded with protein and fiber. This is amazing because gluten intolerant people can still eat quinoa! It has low glycemic index which is closely related to being responsible for lowering cardiovascular risks and cancer. If you are unfamiliar with quinoa it is a small circular almost rice like grain. But it is not a grain, it is actually closer related to spinach and beats than grains.


Blueberries are already such a popular fruit that it is so convenient that they are also considered a superfood. Blueberries are delicious and eating them can even help with burning unwanted stomach fat! So while you are eating them you are becoming more fit essentially. This is beneficial to cardiovascular health as well. They are high in manganese which aids in turning carbs into energy. And I am sure you all have heard that blueberries make you smarter, right? This is mostly true! they definitely do contribute to brain health and preventing neurotic disorders, so in truth they make your brain healthier which is linked to intelligence.


I’m sure everyone has heard of kale at some point whether you love it or hate it. Kale has taken over as a superfood so much that even Beyonce was sporting a kale crew neck in her 7/11 music video. You can eat kale either raw or steamed/sauteed. When steamed or sauteed kale has very high amounts of cholesterol lowering ability. When consumed raw it still has cholesterol lowering ability, but at lower amounts. Besides it tastes much better cooked rather than raw. Kale is also jam packed with protein. Some research has shown that kale can help prevent various types of cancers.


There are many more superfoods out there that you have probably consumed at some point in your life without even realizing. Superfoods are not something that should be a burden to eat. Anyone should be able to enjoy these foods and receive the benefits without eating something “gross”. There are multiple ways to prepare each and every superfood out there in a delicious way. Yes if you eat most of them raw they will not be enjoyable, but preparing them in the right way can help improve your experience with the foods immensely. I know that the first couple of times I tried kale and quinoa I was far from impressed. A lot of these foods are the type of food that you need to grow accustomed to (besides blueberries because who doesn’t love blueberries!).

I included a couple links of recipes for each of the superfoods I went over above. This way you can try them in the most delicious way possible.





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